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This is the place to be for artists that need dope beats and high quality professional services

My network and I love helping artists get their music heard and we specialize in providing everything upcoming artists need to make a name for themselves

Whether you need beats, studio time, mixing and mastering, cover art, motion graphics, music videos, radio placement, professional consulting or promotion, we got you covered!

shark tank.jpg

Shark Tank Studios is located at

1199 North 5th Street in San Jose, California

Contact Jack Frost for their current prices


The Gwap Box is owned by Casper Capone and is located in Modesto, California. They provide studio time, in-house mixing and mastering, graphics, printing, merch for sale and more!



My team does excellent mixing and mastering

In order to get the best results we need your raw audio recordings to be as high quality as possible

That means no background noises during recording, a bare minimum of 44.1KHz/16 bit sampling frequency (higher is better), and make sure you send us the Wav files, not the MP3s of your vocals

Prices may vary depending on the project but typically cost $50 per mixed song and $20 per mastered song

Once you're ready contact

and we can discuss the details



(by Shots Fired Beats)

Cover Art - $30 Each

Motion Graphics - $40 Each

Cover Art + Motion Graphic Bundle - $50 Total

Note: Cover Art Ratio = 1:1 Square

(Perfect For Instagram)

Motion Graphics Videos Will Fit
Instagram, Youtube & Facebook

Featured Graphics Designers

Besides my own work I also feature other graphics designers

GFX Designer Raidah Khalid

Album Covers - $95 Each

Logos - $150 Each


New Vision Films is ran by @Official_Doonworth

They operate in Northern California from Sacramento to the Bay Area to Modesto




Got music that's ready to be heard? Tap in with Kaylin Maurice and get your song on his new radio show: KM Radio on the Ant-FM app from your app store. Send mp3s to KMRADIO@ANT-FM.COM or click the image to connect with him directly on Facebook.



Ri Royal runs her own site called

Royal Temple Productions

She's also a host for Powerhouse 106FM Radio
Click here to contact her directly on Facebook


Got the perfect beat but can't think of an original concept for the song?

Have a concept in mind but struggling to come up with an opening line?


Need more punchlines or wordplay in your lyrics?

Can't find the perfect way to end your new song?

Just need someone to write a dope hook for you?

Don't worry, we got you covered!

My team has over 30 years of combined experience when it comes to writing verses, hooks, and full length songs.

Not only do we have male and female ghost writers available, the best part is we will NEVER tell anyone who wrote the song for you!

Prices range from $10 to $100 depending on what needs to be done.


The music industry can be overwhelming for artists who haven't studied the business side.

Things like License Agreements, Contracts, Distribution, Royalty Payments, Performance Rights, etc. can be very confusing to both new and veteran artists.

Everyone needs advice from time to time.

Don't be afraid to ask. That's what I'm here for.

I've done it all. I started out as a battle rapper in high school.

Over the years I started writing songs with more meaning and substance.

I built my own home studio and taught myself how to record songs.

Then I started teaching myself how to make beats. I even went to school for digital audio technology so I could learn how to be a better producer.

I released my own albums, performed lived shows, and sold CDs hand to hand in the streets.

And in 2019 I started selling beats online.

Over the past 15 years I've learned a lot about the music industry. Most of what I learned was self-taught through trial-and-error.

If you don't have countless hours of your life to waste trying to figure out the most successful ways to push your music...

Or if you don't have the time and money it takes to go to school to learn the proper way to do things...

I highly suggest you reach out to me.

I'm sure I can help solve your problems no matter what the issue is.

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