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V O L U M E   1

This is the first release in a series of mixtapes featuring songs various artists have done over my beats

To get your song featured on the next Shots Fired Mixtape all you gotta do is:

1. Get ANY of my beats

(Free Beats, Leases, Exclusives, etc.)

2. Record a dope song over the beat
(Make sure to have it mixed properly)

3. Send the finished song to my email

If you like any of the songs you can download them for FREE

My Shots Fired Mixtapes are a series of non-profit releases available for free download on my website. The intention of these mixtapes is to showcase what artists can do over my beats, help promote those artists, and widen our audiences.


All songs are recorded and mixed by the individual artists or their production team, then the final project is mastered by me, Shots Fired. Any track that is submitted for my mixtape is still owned by the artists who submit them. This means you can submit a song to be featured on my non-profit mixtapes and still sell them through your other digital platforms.


Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.

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